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PDF Writer - bioPDF 6.0.0865

Create your own PDF documents and image files from any Windows application
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PDF Writer works as a PDF printer that you can select from almost any Windows-based application to generate fully customizable PDF documents or image files. Its comprehensive settings window covers anything you need to personalize the metadata, the quality, and the security options of your output files. Besides, you can merge PDF documents or add a watermark to your converted file.

PDF Writer comes with no interface as such, but opens a comprehensive settings dialogue any time you send a document to the “PDF Writer – bioPDF” printer installed by the program. You may also want to build your own “conversion profile” and apply it to every document you send to the printer, opening this dialogue only when you need to make any change in the settings. Once you have selected the file format, you can add an author, a title, a subject, and some keywords to your PDF, and set the level of quality needed for your task (up to high-quality prepress documents). If you have selected an image file format, you will be allowed to set the resolution and the Alpha Bits of the resulting file, as well as to group your images in a single document.

You can add text- or image-based watermarks and determine its specific position within the layout and its resolution. You can even use another PDF document as a watermark by using the “Superimposing Documents” option, which also allows you to apply the content of another document on top of the text you are sending to the printer.

Finally, you can add security measures to the output file, and apply or deny different printing permissions.

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